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"#KitaJagungKita" Tee

RM 39.00

This pun was contributed by Hua Zai Heng through our Sayur Pun Competition 2022, and made it through to our selection for 2022 for its apt play on #KitaJagaKita movement - an ever-so important hashtag that captured the essence of the Malaysian spirit which binded us in looking out for one another, during the global pandemic at the turn of 2020.

Corn, or Jagung in Bahasa Malaysia - is a great common crop that can withstand tropical climates such as ours. Fast growing and even tastier when grown in your own backyard and eaten raw! 

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"#KitaJagungKita" Tee in Black
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Chest: 36"
Length: 25"

Chest: 38"
Length: 26"

Chest: 40"
Length: 27"

Chest: 42"
Length: 28"


*Model is wearing "#KitaJagungKita" Tee in Size L*