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Egyptian Rock Phosphate (ERP) - 250g

RM 10.00

Phosphorus is an element crucial to all living beings and is the “P” in the “NPK’ you’ll often see on fertiliser packaging. In simpler terms, Phosphorus is like a 'battery' helping to carry energy around the plant.

Rock Phosphate, essentially fossilised bird droppings, is an excellent source of Phosphorus. The Nutrenics micro-organisms in “Nutrenics Biostimulant” will help dissolve the Rock Phosphate so that plants can absorb it. In this powdery form, it sprinkles easily on to soil and used in combination with Nutrenics Biostimulant, will help ensure your plants have all the Phosphorus they need for healthy growth.

Sprinkle about 5-10 grams (around a level teaspoon) per square metre every 2-3 months and most small plants should be fine, big trees will require more. In general because it is very insoluble, Rock Phosphate can be applied less regularly in bigger doses since it won’t wash away with the rain. Note that without the right micro-organisms, like Nutrenics Biostimulant, it will not be absorbed into plants.

In General:
All these dosages are baseline guidelines, experiment to see what works for you. It is important to remember that all fertilisers are salts; we can’t survive without salts but too much is also bad for us- do not apply more than double the recommended dosages.


For the other range of fertilisers necessary for your plant's growth, Nutrenics has made it super easy to grow plants by using natural methods:

•Nutrenics Biostimulant- plant and soil micro-organisms for great soil health
•Rock Phosphate – natural fertiliser providing Phosphorus
•Muriate of Potash – natural fertiliser providing Potash

The above will supplement your plants with the nutrients they need for outstanding growth, health and yields.