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Harvast Photosynthesis Enhancer

RM 80.00

HARVAST™️ helps plants to photosynthesize more efficiently, which leads to faster & healthier growth.


  • It helps revive & rejuvenate dormant plants 
  • It improves growth rate - It encourages flowering
  • It helps with faster cell regeneration & plant recuperation from injury
  • Stronger & healthier leaves help plants to be more resistant & resilient to pest infestation & disease

It is organic & contains no synthetic or toxic chemicals. It is safe to be used in our homes & gardens. Simply spray onto leaves or body of plants, once a week.

Comes with:

  • 1 Litre Harvast
  • 1 Spraying Bottle

Reminder: Plants which are sprayed with Harvast should have access to sunlight to photosynthesize.