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ESR Grow Tong - Balcony Package

RM 528.00

NEW! Just for small spaces: The ESR Grow Tong Balcony Package contains all the materials you'll need to easily start planting your own vegetables and herbs on your balcony (or porch)! This package should be installed in an area which receives a good amount of sunlight, and can withstand water and dirt, e.g. an outdoor patio, outdoor balcony.

Each ESR Grow Tong Package comes with:

  • Materials for Growing Soil
    3-parts Compost
    1-part Cocopeat
    1-part Sand
  • 1 Seed Box (Choose from Curry, Stir-Fry or Ulam)
  • 3 Plant Tags
  • 1 Grow Tong
  • Balcony Geotextile Sheet (to prevent soil underflow)
  • 1 "Edible Container Gardening" Instructional Guide