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Sayur In the City: Parents/Teacher's Guide to Growing Local Sayur

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We believe that gardening can give children (and adults alike) immense benefits by connecting them with nature.

Whilst there are many teachers who are keen to get their students out in nature, the bulk of information available on gardening, nutrition, food and plants is not adapted to the South East Asian region. We decided that we had an opportunity to make their journey with their students easier.

With UNICEF and other partners, we put together Sayur In The City: Teachers Guide To Growing Local Sayur. It is a guide based on our cumulative experience and knowledge gathered from our work at Eats, Shoots & Roots over the past 9 years – from growing our own edible garden, to building gardens for the people and communities around us

This Teacher's Guide to Growing Local Vegetables is aimed at empowering primary school teachers with a framework to teach and guide their kids on the various stages of growing their own local vegetables.

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English Edition
64 printed pages
297mm x 210mm