How To Grow In Peat Pellets

1. Soak your pellets in a tray with water. The pellets have two ends; make sure the end with the bigger hole is facing up.

2. In about 5 minutes, they would've absorbed the water and expanded to a taller size, about 2-3 inches tall, and the top part is now ready for planting.


3. Start planting your seeds in each pellet by making an indent and putting 2-3 seeds in, in accordance to the guidelines on the Seed Pack.

4. Place your little seedling pots in a cool, dry area. Make sure it doesn't get over-sunned or over-rained upon... treat them like babies!


5. After 3-4 weeks when they roots start to penetrate the outside of the pellet, transfer them whole, without removing them from the mini pot, into a bigger pot or plot. The outer layer will degrade in time.