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Seed Boxes

RM 29.00

Our Seed Box contains specially selected vacuum-sealed seeds that are easy to grow in tropical climates, and comes with everything you need to start growing and cooking your own food. Perfect for beginners and great for gifting!

Our 2022 Refreshed Varieties include:

1) Leafy Seedbox:
Pak Choy, Chinese Kale (Kailan) & Mustard Green (Sawi)

2) Fruiting Seedbox:
Chilli, Lady's Finger & Brinjal

3) Herb Seedbox:
Coriander, Thai Basil & Chinese Celery

4) Flower Seedbox:
Marigold, Roselle, Blue Butterfly Pea

5) Climbing Seedbox:
Loofah, Long Bean, Red Malabar Spinach


Here are the contents within each seed box:

  • 3 Seed Jars (Vacuum-Sealed to last longer)
  • 6 Peat Pellets
  • 3 Plant Markers
  • 1 Instruction Leaflet

** We have ran out of Kacang Botol Seeds, so it will be replaced with Kacang Panjang Seeds.