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Composting Kit: Soil Conditioner + Microbes Biodegraders

RM 18.00

Our composting kit comes with 2 key components that helps to break down your food waste faster. You can use this for any compost bins.

1) Soil Conditioner (10L)
Made from food and organic waste that is segregated and recycled into quality organic soil conditioner.

2) Microbs – Biodegraders (200g)

Formulated with a blend of biodegrading bacteria and fungi specifically isolated and propagated for the breakdown and composting for a multitude of organic wastes such as EFB waste from Oil Palm Mills, manures from animal farms and food wastes from kitchens.

1. Add a layer of soil conditioner to the bottom of your compost bin.
2. Put a layer of food waste (the smaller pieces you have your food waste chopped up, the faster it will break down)
3. Add a layer of soil conditioner to cover the food waste
4. Add 2 tablespoons of Microbs-Biodegraders
5. For the first cycle, don’t stir up. Stir only the subsequent time when you top up with more food waste.
6. Add water only when the compost looks very dry.

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid areas with high humidity and moisture. Once the product has come in contact with water, use immediately.

How to know when your compost is ready for usage:
Your food waste should have turned into a nice dark brown colour, and the food pieces are unrecognisable.

What to do with your ready compost:
Sprinkle your ready compost into your pots. All this promotes water retention, improves and loosens soil structure, encourages fertility and reduces loss of nutrients to help your plants grow healthily and sufficiently.