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Plant Care Kit

RM 53.00

What happens when your plants are all grown up? They will still need care and love in the form of feed, which is why we've put together the ultimate care package consisting of:

  • 1 x Neem Spray 300ml
    For keepings pests away

  • 1 x Compost 2.5L
    For macronutrients and soil structure

  • 1 x Nutrenics Sachet 75ml
    To encourage microbial life and facilitate nutrient binding between Plant and Soil

  • 1 x Plant Care Guide
    To guide you on how to care for your plant after you've planted it and how to make your own sprays



Neem Spray

Use this natural spray on your plants that have been invaded by pests. First off you should always try the easiest method, which is just picking the pests off with your fingers or spritzing them off with a jet of water. Only if that doesn't work, use this neem spray to coat the leaves of your plant with a bitter-tasting layer that will repel bugs. Will need to be resprayed once the effects have worn off with rain and watering.

  • Comes in a Glass Bottle that can be reused and refilled
  • Shake well before use
  • Wash hands after use
  • No poisonous residue



Made from local organic waste, sprinkle compost around the base of your plants to supplement it with the macronutrients it needs, and to strengthen the soil structure.



Pre & Probiotics for Plants & Soil: natural microscopic living organisms to boost your plant and garden’s health and fertility.

Spray on plants, flowers, fruits & soil and the microbes will do the rest. They will find their way to different parts of the plants and soil, figure out what is needed to help the plants at the right time and get it done.

Nutrenics Plant & Soil Biostimulant is a collection of more than 15 different types of natural microscopic organisms (microbes) beneficial to plant and soil health. The microbes work together with plants on a wide variety of functions critical to the plants health.

These microbes have been selected based on their beneficial activities to the soil in promoting healthy soil activity by breaking down toxins into more bioavailable compounds, suppressing disease causing microbes & providing nutrients for plants.

Beneficial microbial activity in soil is critical for plant health and growth. Healthy soil contains trillions of microbes which perform a wide variety of tasks creating an ecosystem which is symbiotic with plants, providing them with essential nutrients.

  • 100% Natural
  • No Manures
  • No Pathogens
  • Non-genetically Modified.


  • Soil Health
  • Plant Growth
  • Crop Yield
  • Disease Suppression
  • Fertiliser Utilisation
  • Environmental Remediation


Add 25ml to 500ml water in a spray bottle and spray lightly and evenly on plant leaves, stem, flowers, fruits & soil every 3-4 weeks. The 75ml sachet can be used to fill 3 x 500ml Spray Bottles.


Plant Care Guide

Lists down the possible issues you will have in your growing journey, and how to fix them accordingly. And includes simple recipes on how to make your own repellent.