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Grow Box: Jar Edition

RM 369.00

Our Grow Box: Jar Edition contains a variety of seed jars of different types of seeds for you to choose from –– including some that are not in our existing Seed Boxes!

Pick 6 types of seeds from the list below and customize your own Grow Box! 


  • Big Chilli
  • Birdseye Chilli 
  • Cucumber
  • Lady's Finger
  • Round Brinjal
  • White Brinjal


  • Chinese Kale
  • Four Season Lettuce
  • Malabar Spinach
  • Pak Choy
  • Round Green Amaranth
  • Sharp Leaf Celtuce
  • Water Spinach

Seeds + Beans

  • Black Seed Long Bean
  • Four Angled Bean 
  • Red Flower French Bean


  • Cilantro
  • Thai Basil


  • White Radish

Each GROW BOX: Jar Edition comes with:

  • 42 Seed Jars
    Specially selected vacuum-sealed seeds that are easy to grow in tropical climates, and comes with everything you need to start growing and cooking your own food)
  • 42 Peat Pellets
  • 1 Special Super Large Saving Box


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6 Chosen Seed Types