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A mini guide to: Composting

RM 15.00

A simple mini guide that gives you some basic information about:

1) What is compost?

2) Why composting is good for the environment

3) How compost is made

4) What materials you can use for composting at home

5) Various composting methods you can use

6) Common composting issues

*Disclaimer - the information written in this book is a combination of our own research, and our own experience on gardening over the past 12 years. We are not scientific biologists by nature; please do not hold us by our necks if any of the facts here might differ from what you know. =) We would love to hear your feedback if there are any other useful gardening hacks that you think might be useful to include in this guide.

Written, designed & published by ESR


1st Edition
20 printed pages
148mm x 210mm