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Leafy Seeds: Chinese Kale (Kailan)

RM 5.90

A hardy annual that has beautiful, thick, blue-green leaves and stems. Also known as Chinese broccoli, Chinese kale is rich in Vitamin A and C, bearing a mildly sweet taste. 

Best eaten stir-fried with garlic or steamed. If you're adventurous, try finely shredding the leaves and deep-frying.

Harvest leaves when young and tender. This is a heat resistant annual leafy, which makes it perfect for our tropical weather, but take care to harvest it once it starts to flower. Shoots will regrow and can be harvested multiple times.

Will die off after a season (about 3 months), and seeds can be harvested for replanting again.

Packaging Options:

A. Seed Pack
• Compostable
• Biodegradable
• Can last up to 2 months in cool, dry conditions

B. Seed Jar
• Reusable
• Recyclable
• Vacuum-sealed in a glass jar to last longer
• Can last up to 6 months in cool, dry conditions

We also provide custom design services for personalised tags, seed boxes, seed packs and seed jars.

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