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Climber Seeds: French Beans

RM 5.90

Also known as snap beans, these will climb on trellises. They are hardy and easy to grow. Tasty crunchy pods can be stir-fried, steamed or cooked in curries, and they are a great finger food for kids.

Pick them young, and pick the often! Harvest pods that are smooth and snap easily when bent.

Packaging Options:

A. Seed Pack
• Compostable
• Biodegradable
• Can last up to 2 months in cool, dry conditions

B. Seed Jar
• Reusable
• Recyclable
• Vacuum-sealed in a glass jar to last longer
• Can last up to 6 months in cool, dry conditions

We also provide custom design services for personalised tags, seed boxes, seed packs and seed jars.

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