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Leafy Seeds: Water Spinach (Kangkung)

RM 5.90

Super hardy perennial that can grow happily on land or in water. Also known as water morning glory or water convolvulus.

Great for cooked salads or stir-fries, especially with sambal belacan. To harvest, cut plant 2-3 inches from the ground. It will product new shoots after 2 weeks!

Packaging Options:

A. Seed Pack
• Compostable
• Biodegradable
• Can last up to 2 months in cool, dry conditions

B. Seed Jar
• Reusable
• Recyclable
• Vacuum-sealed in a glass jar to last longer
• Can last up to 6 months in cool, dry conditions

We also provide custom design services for personalised tags, seed boxes, seed packs and seed jars.

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